The STONES collection has a double meaning – on one side, it has been inspired by a variety and colour palette of stones, their organic structure and power. On the other side, it is a metaphor of the milestones that for us stand for the past months and years. It has been a very intense period, full of challenges, decisions, goodbyes, changes and excitements. The STONES collection bridges between what was behind, and where do we go now. The simplicity of silhouettes, quality of fabrics and multi-functional models are the distinctive features of LOUS. This collection introduces new colours – deep red, azure, and prints. The silhouettes are at the same time sensual and uncovering more than previous designs, but on the other hand, designed to embrace beauty of all female shapes. This is why we broadened the size range, adding the size XS, L+ and L++. There are as many sizes, as there are women in the world. And LOUS wants to dress them all up.

Photos: Kamil Zacharski
Model: Alex Mru Kijania
Styling: Marta Kalinowska
Asistent: Anna Krawczyk
Make Up: Beata Milczarek
Special thanks to Andy&Mag!
Studio:Piktogram Gallery / Mińska 25
Graphic identification design: Jan Dudzik/


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