This year marks the 5th birthday of LOUS! Especially for this occasion, we prepared the RETROSPECTIVE collection that sums up all our projects, favourite models, colours and silhouettes we have designed so far. Orina Krajewska has become the collection’s ambassador and the face of the birthday campaign.

The RETROSPECTIVE collection is an essence of the long-developed LOUS style and responds to the needs of a constantly growing group of our loyal customers. It combines the icon models in refreshed colours with new designs, which stem from our best, well-thought practices. The whole look is consistent with the brand’s image and vision. The collection comprises such bestsellers as dresses: Puff, Nagoya, Osaka, Aven and Air, that have already become our icon pieces, as well as the Echo trousers, the Collar blouse and the Clear jumpsuit in a new style. Our new proposal is a short jumpsuit Cross, coat Stark, cardigan Cosy Cut, and obviously, new dresses: Right Cut, Easy and Ready.

The RETROSPECTIVE collection is perfect in its simplicity and is also functional and timeless. The items from this collection emphasize and support female self-confidence. This is femininity in a modern form. In our collections, we focus on the natural fabrics, which also prevail in the RETROSPECTIVE collection. The clothes have been made from pure cotton and high-quality linen, which combined with the form of the clothes give them unique, feminine shape and character. In this collection, we focus on black and white, and also khaki and graphite that are this season’s thing, adding also the sports grey, introduced especially to fulfil the requests of our clients.

Model: Orina Krajewska
Photos: Piotr Sitarsky
Make up: Agata Kalbarczyk
Hair: Katarzyna Kajdan
Studio: Reduta Banku Polskiego


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