“I Where I live in the far north of Scotland, the question of light is an axis central to every day” – said once Tilda Swinton, an actress inspiring numbers of avant-garde artists, in her speech “The Question of Lights”.

Tilda’s words have become an inspiration for the LIGHTS collection. Hence, encouraged by the British actress, also known as the muse of ambiguity, we decided to go out of LOUS comfort zone. Starting from simple elements, we began to look for metaphoric light, femininity and ambiguity in our clothing.

The light plays the major role in this collection and the photoshoot. We cannot live without light. Photosynthesis would not be possible without it. The light, especially the inner light, is a motivation and inspiration. As Tilda Swinton emphasized in her speech, human nature is righteous, good and full of light.

The LIGHTS collection attempts to answer the question of what a woman needs to live in a modern, urban jungle. This is why LIGHTS is a multi-themed story, covering dresses, coats, tops, shorts and also, for the first time in the brand’s history, a loose suit made of navy silk with cotton.

Photos: Małgorzata Turczyńska
Model: Jagoda Maruda
Make up: Gosia Macias
Print design: Radek Janowski / BEHANCE


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