The autumn collection of LOUS was inspired by a typical autumn aura, making us layer up several layers of outfit every day, in various combinations. The colder it is outside, the more layers in the outfit appear. At the same time, due to climate warming, the weather is becoming more and more unstable, making unusual turns, causing to undress from these layers suddenly in some days in October or November. The LAYERS collection has been designed in order to facilitate this layering and un-layering process, and at the same time to focus on LOUS’ main function – to be friendly for all the female body shapes. When you wear layers, nobody knows your size, your figure, and where the clothes end. Nobody sees what you want to hide, but everybody sees exactly what you want to show. You decide. The autumn silhouette by LOUS is light, feminine and mysterious. Classic cotton fabrics are mixed with wool, light striped viscose and transparent silk chiffon. All the elements from this collection can be mixed together in various combinations, creating a lot of new outfits.

Photos: Maja Kryńska Vel Baran
Model: Aleksandra Dudzik
Make Up: Polka Dzwigala
Hair: Kaśka Wzorek
Studio: Karol Tchorka's Workshop


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