The autumn collection by LOUS is inspired by the lifecycles and the cycles of nature. In the fifth year of building the LOUS brand we put our focus on the models and colours that keep appearing in cycles, around the needs and expectations of our clients. We come back to the proven solutions and we put a new life in them.

We opened a new season with a new collection where we redesigned a number of well-known models – we came back to them, improving them, changing them and giving them new power, in a way that the Sak Yant tattoos are being cyclically remade. The tattoo ritual that we discovered during one of our travels is based on the sacred secret symbols, full of deeper meanings, which the Buddhist monks prepare individually for each person with a unique intention. After blessing, the tattoos become a kind of a talisman and a life guidance for a person having them. The power embraced in the pattern and its mantra is strongly connected with the Buddhist philosophy. Each year, during the Wai Khru festival, the monks renew the once-made tattoos, embracing them with new powers and strengthening their protection features.

The image campaign of the CYCLES collection has been made in cooperation with a renowned photographer, Marek Straszewski, and is an effect of our common interests and fascinations with the culture of the Far East. The illustrator Sylwia Dębicka, for the purpose of this collection, has created temporary tattoos on the bodies of models, which were inspired by the Thai Sak Yant patterns. The model Annabelle from Berlin was photographed in this photoshoot together with the photographer himself, who posed as her background and support.

Photos: Marek Straszewski Photography
Production: Marek Straszewski Studio/ Snapstudio
Model: Annabelle Riess
Make up: Emilia Noremberg
Drawings: Sylwia Dębicka
Styling: Sylwia Antoszkiewicz
Retouch: Jarek Nasiłowski


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